Shooting Real Estate Videos With Drones

Posted on May 8, 2017 by in Computers and Technology, Drone Video Production, Niche Production, Real Estate Video Production

The use of drones to capture images of the properties is considered by many people in the real estate to be the next big thing in the marketing industry. It is not hard to see why they think so. Drones are becoming an indispensable tool to the real estate during construction and marketing stage. An agent can make use of the high-quality photos and videos captured by drones as a huge selling point for the prospective buyers.

If one will visit a real estate website, you can see that there are pictures of houses for sale that are taken in a more dramatic, aerial perspective. Luxury real estate agent, Ivan Sher knows how to take advantage of drone photography. He is the top Las Vegas realtor, which comes as no surprise given his determination to get the best aerial footage and photography for each and every one of his listings. Now that is the smart way to market a house!

Nowadays, it is not surprising to see listings that show virtual tours of the house’s surroundings and how it looks inside. The video tours are provided by drones which can show both the house’s exterior and interior in above-the-ground angle.

Using unmanned flying cameras, taking images of homes has become easier and cost-effective. Before, the only way to produce an aerial shot of a particular property and its surrounding is by riding a helicopter. This is very expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes a risky task. An agent or the seller needs to pay hundreds of money for the rent of the helicopter, including its pilot and an official photographer. This is an impractical thing to do. The cost is too much just for three to five pictures or few minutes of videos.

One amazing feature of the drone is the “reveal” technique. In this scenario, the drone will start with a close-up view of a particular area in the house, and then will hover two feet above the driveway, another two feet up the front door until it flies away from the house to get its aerial view. The same technique is used when the drone will start taking shots from above and away from the house and going down, “revealing” the house and going down further until it focuses on a specific area in the house where it will stop.

Using a drone to produce aerial photography can generate a sense of excitement for prospective buyers because they can see the house from an angle that is not possible from ground-based photography. This is very helpful especially for luxurious properties worth more than $1 million. These houses are usually big and have lawns. With the help of drones, it can show the house in its entirety, including the exact location of the house and its surroundings.

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